Bank's     History
The Khattri Co-operative (U) Bank Ltd., was established on the 30th Day of October, 1939 under the provisions of Punjab Co-operative Societies Act, 1912 by the eminent persons of the khattri community to encourage self-help, thrift, cooperation among members and for promotion of moral, educational and amelioration of the Khattri Community. The Bank since inception took measures to promote and safeguard the economic interest of the members and to encourage the spirit of cooperation and practice of thrift, self help and mutual help amoung Members.

Due to circumstances, pre-independance agitations and principle of Non-Cooperation by Gandhiji, the Bank remained ineffective for the period 1943 to 1965. Later on in the 1965 the Society/Bank tried to re-organise and undertake measures to encourage member's spirit and practice of self-help and mutual help among community and members. After the year 1975 the Bank has made rapid growth.

The Khattri Co-operative (U) Bank Ltd., was issued Banking Licence under Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by the Reserve Bank of India on October 14, 1986 to carry out the Banking Business within the Sate of Delhi and since then the Bank has been growing continuously and marching ahead alongwith nationalised Bank in the service of the Nation.

Today, our Bank has large number of Membership of Individuals from diffrent sections of the Society. Our Membership includes Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Govt. Officials, Artists and Sportsmen. The majority of our total membership represents the Weaker Section of the Society and Small Enterprenuers. The Bank has three Branches in the NCT of Delhi.

The Bank has been granting loans for the purpose of Business Promotion, House Construction, Purchase of Vehicle, Machinery to SSI units etc.

The Bank has always been classified as 'A' category Bank and has been awarded with the Best Co-operative Bank's Award by the Delhi Govt. three times.